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Product Details

6mm float clear glass

6mm float clear  glass
6mm float clear  glass
6mm float clear  glass

Product Details

Place of Origin: China
Type: Float glass

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Minimum Order Quantity:  10000 USD
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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Product Description

Float glass  is a term for perfectly flat, clear glass (basic product). The term "float" glass derives from the production method, introduced in the UK by Sir Alastair Pilkington in the late 1950's, by which 90% of today's flat glass is manufactured.


Production ingredients: The raw materials (silica sand, calcium, oxide, soda and magnesium) are properly weighted and mixed to  introduced into a furnace where they are melted at 1500° C. The molten glass then flows from the glass furnace into a bath of molten tin in a continuous ribbon.


This method gives the sheet uniform thickness and very flat surfaces with high visible light transmittance


The glass, which is highly viscous, and the tin, which is very fluid, do not mix and the contact surface between these two materials is perfectly flat. When it leaves the bath of molten tin the glass has cooled down sufficiently to pass to an annealing chamber called a lehr. Here it is cooled at controlled temperatures, until it is essentially at room temperature. 



 Smooth and flat surface and good vision.

Flexible size specifications minimizing cutting loss.

Substrata for each level of glass processing.

Kindly glass offers a complete range of clear float glass products.



Table top 


Door windows


Double glazed window


Furniture and decoration


Superior performance to standard glass products


 Packing List:

mm Color Dimension & Packing
Width Length Pcs/Crate Crates/20'fcl Sqm/20'fcl G.W
2 float clear 1800 2032 110 12 4828.03 24500
3 float clear 1830 2440 67 11 3290.85 25011
4 float clear 1650 2200 68 10 2468.40 24984
5 float clear 2134 3300 27 10 1901.39 24067
6 float clear 2134 3300 23 10 1619.71 24596
8 float clear 2134 3300 17 10 1197.17 24243
10 float clear 2134 3660 12 10 937.25 23731
12 float clear 2134 3660 10 10 781.04 23731
15 float clear 2134 3660 9 10 702.94 26660
19 float clear 2134 3660 7 10 546.73 26270

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