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Product Details

44.1mm Wired laminated glass with square steel net

44.1mm Wired laminated glass with square steel net
44.1mm Wired laminated glass with square steel net
44.1mm Wired laminated glass with square steel net

Product Details

Place of Origin: China
Type: Laminated glass

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Product Description


Product Description

EVA Film laminated glass is produced by our laminated glass machine, the glass have good market at home and abroad.

Aluminium rhombic net, steel rhombic net and steel square net for your option as basic wired material.


Utilize E.V.A. Film makes possible adhesion at low temperature, facilitating system operation, it can produce the products which is same by using auto clace's
It can produce the laminated glass, which could be used for building, fitment, industrial uses etc and also can produce various function glass, such as burglarproof glass etc, can be by produced by means of CXJ Vacuum heating laminating machine
Glass can be laminated with a patterned cloth, paper, printed polyester, so the glass with a wide variety of decorative uses can manufactured


None absorb moisture, water absorption is lower than 1%,can be preserved in normal temperature and humidity.
The cost is lower than PVB ,can apply with low temperature and low pressure, lower production cost and less investment
Not including plasticizer, high agglutinate performance to plastic, metal sheet, paper etc
Short production cycle
Complied with national standard of GB9962-99

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