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AGC Low E Glass

AGC Low E Glass 

Detailed Product Description

 High transmittance low-E series: 

 Product properties: 

1. High visible transmittance with natural effects and elegant color 

2. High solar radiation transmittance, shading coefficient (SC) >0.5 

3. High reflectivity to far and medium infrared ray with low U value keeps heat radiation from passing through the glass 


1. A better choice for windows, doors and curtain walls in cold climate. In winter, the solar radiation can pass through low-E glass to make the room more comfortable, and the heat radiation indoors will be reflected back for saving energy

 2. No light pollution and meets with the requirements of architecture aesthetics

 3. The more performances used in insulating glass (the coating surface in 3rd side of insulating glass) 

Shading low-E series: 

 Product properties: 

1. Suitable visible transmittance

 2. Low solar transmittance with preventing the solar radiation from going inside, SC <0.5

 3. Excellent reflectivity to the far and medium infrared ray and low U value with keeping the heat radiation from going inside. 


1. Available in north and south areas. Although in winter it limits partial of solar energy passing through the glass, but in summer it perfects more, because the energy of solar in winter is only one forth in summer on general

 2. Colorful decoration with shading effects for all kinds of buildings 

3. The more performances used in insulating glass (the coating surface in 2ND side) with obvious energy efficiency Double silver low-E series: Including high transmittance type and shading type Product properties: 

1. It is more complicated low-E glass which is coated by two silver metal films and has more advantages than normal low-E glass

 2. Higher visible transmittance with fine nature light effects 

3. Lower shading coefficient with keeping the solar radiation from going through the glass (especially for near infrared ray)

 4. Lower U value with more efficient to prevent the heat radiation outdoors from the house in summer and keep warm indoors in winter

 Applications: It has wide applications in different areas Super low-E series: Including high transmittance type and shading type.

 Product properties: 

1. It is the most complicated and advanced series of low-E glass in the world which can be produced by few companies.

 2. Because the radiation transmittance reaches to only 0.01% which is perfect technology data, it has the wide applications in many fields


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